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Culinary Culture in Historic Places

Turn of the century 1899-1912 Classic Revival home where the original site was not Duval Street but 716 Fleming Street. Believe it or not, Key West has a long tradition of moving wooden houses to newly open lots and that’s what happened with Bagatelle.  Imagine this, in 1974, this 2-½-story residence was trucked down the middle of Duval Street and set on new piers.  It opened as The Rose Tattoo, a popular restaurant in the 70’s.

Fun Fact: The restaurant “The Rose Tattoo” was named for Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Tennessee Williams (a part time resident of Key West for nearly 40 years.) He was active with some local theatre productions of his play and he even attended a three-night local performance of his short play “A Perfect Analysis as Given by a Parrot,” a dinner theatre event at The Rose Tattoo in 1978.

The Conch Temple style building transformed into Bagatelle Restaurant in the 80’s and is now a trendy, Key West dining hot spot and popular bar.


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"Presented by Bagatelle"  

11:00am - 1:00pm

115 Duval Street 

$75.00 per person

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