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With cannabis legalization moving across the nation and CBD products sold (literally) everywhere, get up to speed and have a good time at our interactive programs.  If you’re canna-curious, connect with like-minded folks and learn from credible experts on the health benefits of cannabis and CBD products.

Donna Shields, registered dietitian nutritionist, cookbook author and co-founder of The Holistic Cannabis Academy, has brought a version of her Colorado Cannabis Retreats to Key West. Designed to entertain and educate you, Donna’s know-how in cannabis wellness and culinary arts makes for a personalized, holistic vacation experience.


Hemp-CBD Culinary Workshop

Hemp extract CBD tinctures, capsules, topicals and infused foods are everywhere. 

This workshop takes a culinary approach by showing you how to use CBD tinctures in healthy recipes made right in your own kitchen. Control the dose, control the results.

Pretty awesome, right?

Donna will demonstrate several CBD-infused recipes (adapted from The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, (she’s a recipe contributor) and you get to taste each one. 

Buy your ticket now because the first 2 tickets sold for this event also receive a free, signed copy of the beautifully photographed, hardcover cookbook Donna’s holding in the photo. Additional copies for sale onsite. 

Program takes place in the lush garden of Key West’s Oldest House Museum.


Cannabis Deep Dive Seminar

Having information overload on this topic and not sure 

who to believe? 

This session is straight talk you can count on from cannabis and healthcare professionals.

Cannabis Primer 101 by Key West Cannabis Clinic

Get grounded on how cannabis works with your endocannabinoid system, for what health conditions and the process for getting a medical marijuana card in Florida and beyond.

Receive a 15% discount off a future appointment with Key West Cannabis Clinic.

What to Ask When You Walk into a Dispensary by Surterra Wellness

Get knowledgeable about the many different methods for safely consuming marijuana from one of Florida’s premier dispensaries. You’ll leave feeling more confident and just a little smarter when shopping for cannabis.   

The ABCs of CBD by Donna Shields, MS, RDN

From gas stations to salons to your yoga studio, it’s everywhere! And how can you possibly know what to buy? We’ll break it down so you know what to look for in a quality CBD (cannabidiol) product and what form is best for you. Sample tinctures from Restorative Botanicals available for tasting.

CBD Culinary Workshop & Deep Dive Cannabis Seminar Retreats

November 2019


Friday, November 29,

Oldest House Museum & Garden

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