Welcome to the 2020 Festival!


Whether you are a returning volunteer, or brand new to the Key West Food & Wine Festival, we welcome you and thank you for volunteering your time. This handbook was created to provide new and veteran volunteers a copy of our policies and procedures. Please review the information in this guide carefully, as it also provides all the necessary information about your volunteer shifts. 

The Festival thanks you for your hard work, commitment, and enthusiasm.


We have a new system this year and everyone must register with 'Sign Up Genius"! 

If you have done this in the past you do not need to register  again. 

Please stop by our welcome center to gain your credentials, or to revalidate existing credentials.

Our "Welcome Center" is located at 420 Fleming Street.

Hosted by Ocean SIR 

Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you during the festival events.


Register now with Sign Up Genius here

Once you have registered, you can choose the events to volunteer for, search "" in Sign Up Genius, 

or click the following link.


When you register you agree to all rules and regulations posted at the bottom of this page. Sign Up Genius is new to our volunteers and is mandatory, if you need help registering please give us a call.

Please note: all volunteer positions will not be posted until November 1.

Sign Ups I've Created

Welcome Center
Welcome Concierge01/27/2020

Sunset Kick-Off Party
Key West Food & Wine Festival01/29/2020

Garden Tour
Tropical Garden Tour & Tasting01/30/2020

Grand Tasting at the Aquarium
Key West Food & Wine Festival01/31/2020

Old Town Uncorked
Key West Food & Wine Festival02/01/2020


If you are running late for your shift or need to cancel, please notify the Volunteer Coordinator, as soon as possible. 

The Event Coordinators are depending on you to arrive on time and stay the duration of your shift.  

We want you, our volunteers, to enjoy the attendees and the food/wine at the end of your shift at the Festival. We trust that you will mingle and talk with all event guests, not just your personal acquaintances. 

If the Event Coordinators, Festival Directors, or the Volunteer Coordinator feels that you are behaving inappropriately or drinking to much you may be asked to leave your shift. 

Again, thank you for volunteering for the KWFWF 2019. We hope that you meet new people, enjoy fabulous food and wine, and have FUN! 


Volunteers are public representatives of the Key West Food & Wine Festival. The vast majority of our festival attendees will have direct interactions with volunteers. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you conduct yourself appropriately at all events.

Regardless of your seniority as a volunteer with the KWFWF, you are expected to:

  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Arrive promptly for your assigned shift(s).
  • Dress in a professional yet casual, comfortable manner (unless otherwise instructed) for all volunteer shifts. 
  • Remain at your post for the duration of your shift unless otherwise instructed by your supervisor.
  • Treat ALL patrons, visitors, staff, and fellow volunteers with courtesy and respect.
  • Enjoy the food and wine at the end of the event in a limited and responsible manner
  • Have fun!

In return, you can expect the KWFWF directors, planners, and staff to:

  • Treat you with respect and courtesy.
  • Keep you informed about changes to your schedule or shifts.
  • Provide a safe, professional atmosphere in which to volunteer.
  • Provide you with the necessary training to complete your assigned tasks.
  • Appreciate your contributions to the organization.


Volunteers are valued and play an essential role in producing the Key West Food & Wine Festival. To reward you for your efforts, volunteers are required to work 2 events for 3 hours each. Once your request has been approved you will be invited to one of our other events during the festival as a guest. 

Please remember that you are an invited guest, please allow paying guests to enter the event first. Thank you.


If you have questions, concerns, or feedback before, during or after your volunteer shift, please contact us at 800.474.4319 via text or